FACT: Engaging an agile RPO partner to work alongside your HR team boosts in-house capabilities and enables greater control over strategy

Many HR professionals can be reluctant to consider a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) partnership over concerns that they could lose control of their recruitment process – but when juggling an in-house strategy with that of multiple recruitment agencies, it can be a fragmented process that is often hard to manage, track and report on.

Gain greater control over your recruitment strategy

Today’s new and emerging RPO providers work alongside your business to apply centralised processes and structures that actually give you greater visibility and control.

Engage an RPO partner that advocates collaboration and transparency, and you can look forward to regular MI reporting of metrics and analytics that will impact your future recruitment efforts and enable informed decision making.

The creation of a centralised talent pipeline also means you’re able to be more proactive rather than reactive to the recruitment needs of your company – tapping into pools of qualified candidates that are best suited to the culture and future goals of your business.

Fully equipped with the most up to date information about candidate expectations, RPO providers are ideal informants and the right partnership can even help you gain greater control over how to position your business as an employer of choice to both active and passive candidates.

As well as influencing your attraction strategy, insights from a RPO partner can also help you develop a more solid understanding of the needs of your current workforce, having a positive impact on your retention strategy by increasing employee engagement and satisfaction.

RPO in action

Connect Health identified the need to realign their attraction and recruitment processes to align with the Group’s growth strategy, appointing greenbean by NRG to review existing recruitment methods and processes for Referral Management Centres (Customer Service Operations), develop an attraction strategy, design and deliver a new fit for purpose selection process and deliver high calibre, engaged candidates.

Lisa Davidson, HR Director at Connect Health commented “greenbean by NRG has been instrumental in professionalising our recruitment process.”

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Meaningful MI data is fundamental to any successful RPO partnership, informing decision making, wider business strategy and future change initiatives.

greenbean by NRG work closely with you from the outset of a new partnership to determine what metrics are required and translate this into valuable and quantifiable reports aligned to business goals, ensuring you remain in control of your own recruitment process.

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