FACT: New generation RPO providers work as an extension of your business, supporting (not replacing) internal HR functions

The misconception that engaging with a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) provider will replace internal HR functions is a widespread concern.

The truth is that many new generation RPO providers build tailored recruitment models in strategic partnership with internal HR teams, overcoming recruitment challenges together with collaborative solutions.

In fact, the most successful RPO models require the combined efforts of internal HR and marketing teams, as well as the support of recruitment professionals in order to be highly effective.

After all, promoting and enhancing your employer brand is the best way to attract and retain top candidates, and who’s better placed to champion the benefits of working at your company than internal HR and marketing teams?

Collaborative RPO

Culture fit is more often than not a primary recruitment objective for many businesses, and only by working collaboratively alongside your existing teams can RPO partners achieve that objective.

And the beauty of new generation, agile RPO is that you don’t have to outsource the entire recruitment process!

You might choose to outsource the recruitment for a particular function or project, or partner with an RPO to manage the sourcing, screening and shortlisting process in order to increase the quality of candidates and free up valuable HR time.

Partnering with an RPO provider takes laborious legwork away from your internal teams, enabling them to focus on more strategic business objectives.

RPO in action

With nearly 3,000 employees, Morrison Data Services (MDS) is the largest independent multi-utility metering services company operating in the UK. Experiencing significant business expansion, MDS needed to scale their resources to match and partnered with greenbean by NRG on a flexible RPO solution.

James Fatherley, Head of Resourcing at MDS commented “The expertise of the greenbean by NRG team is highly valued by MDS, their understanding of our business and ability to seamlessly work alongside our team to develop our talent strategy has allowed us to attract and hire staff at the right time ensuring we maximise our competitive position in the market.”

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greenbean by NRG’s ethos is to support (not replace) internal HR teams by designing and managing tailored solutions to achieve a seamless recruitment journey –  all the while, working hand in hand with internal HR teams, ensuring you retain control of your own hiring decisions.

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