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Contingent Recruitment

While we primarily operate as an RPO provider, we recognise that there may be instances when you have a challenging position to fill and require the expertise of a specialist without the commitment of a long-term partnership agreement. Our Contingent Recruitment Solution offers the flexibility you need for such situations.

What is Contingent Recruitment?

Contingent recruitment, also known as contingency recruiting, is a hiring arrangement in which an organisation engages the services of a recruitment agency to source and present qualified candidates for specific job openings. Unlike exclusive or partnership agreements, the fees in this model are contingent upon the successful placement of a candidate. This means that payment is only required when a candidate is hired rather than a retained or account-managed fee.

While contingent recruitment may have higher associated costs compared to exclusive or partnership agreements, it can prove to be an effective solution for specific hiring needs.

When to Leverage Contingent Recruitment

Contingent recruitment serves as a solution in various scenarios:

  • Challenging Direct Hire: When your internal talent acquisition team is facing difficulties in filling a specific role directly, and the vacancy remains unfilled, it can lead to a loss of productivity and disruptions. Contingent recruitment offers a fresh perspective and external expertise to accelerate the search for the ideal candidate.

  • Immediate Vacancy: In situations where an open position needs to be filled urgently, delays can be detrimental to your business operations. Contingent recruitment allows for swift action, helping you secure a qualified candidate promptly and minimising any potential productivity gaps.

  • Navigating a Saturated Market: In situations where the job market is saturated with similar job postings for the same role, constant advertising can prove costly with minimal returns, making it challenging to attract top talent. Contingent recruitment offers a fresh perspective, capitalising on the expertise of external recruiters to differentiate your organisation and captivate the interest of a unique segment of the talent pool—those who are not actively seeking new opportunities or perusing job boards. These individuals, commonly known as passive candidates, can often be hidden gems in a crowded job market.

  • Specialised Roles: Certain positions demand niche skills and expertise that may not be readily available within your internal team. Contingent recruitment grants access to specialists who can concentrate on these specific roles, guaranteeing that you attract candidates with the requisite qualifications and experience.

  • Employer Brand Preservation: Prolonged unfilled roles can also put your employer brand at risk. Constantly advertising the same position without success can send negative signals to potential candidates and impact your reputation as an employer of choice. Contingent recruitment not only accelerates the hiring process but also helps preserve your employer brand by demonstrating proactive efforts to address talent needs.

Exploring Contingent Recruitment

In these scenarios, contingent recruitment offers the flexibility and external support needed to address recruitment needs effectively, without the long-term commitment of a recruitment partnership. It's not only a strategic approach to promptly securing the right talent for critical roles in your organisation but also often serves as a valuable testing ground for evaluating a recruitment agency's capabilities before committing to a long-term partnership.

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