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Lee Marjoram's 'Squiggly' Career Path

In the vibrant heart of Manchester city centre, Atlanta Group’s contemporary premises set the backdrop for an enlightening 'Talking Talent' session with Lee Marjoram, Head of Operations, Car, and H...

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Transforming Recruitment in the Contact Centre Industry

​In a recent bonus episode of Talking Talent, Julie Mordue was joined by two prominent figures from the contact centre industry: Sarah Hunt, and Chris Rainsforth. The focus of the conversation re...

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Abi And Leanne

Finishing my Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

6 months on from my last blog, I am now one year into my Level 3 Digital Marketing apprenticeship and nearing the end. As I approach the final stretch towards my end point assessment, I find myself...

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Combatting Contact Centre Attrition: Modern Recruitment Tactics for Today’s Workforce

​In a recent Contact Babel report, a concerning 12% of contact centres noted that over a quarter of their new recruits left within their first three months. Such a statistic prompts crucial questio...

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Robyn Blog

Mastering Peak Demand: Uncompromised Customer Experience with Temporary Workers this Festive Season

​As the most wonderful time of the year approaches, business leaders encounter both excitement and challenges. This is particularly true in contact centre operations that deal with fluctuations in ...

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Vetting Blog

Don't Play Roulette with Your Recruitment: The Importance of Pre-Employment Background Checks

​In today's competitive and fast-paced business environment, the recruitment process can be a challenging task. But the urgency to hire shouldn't lead to cutting corners, especially when it comes t...

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Julie And Marco

Transforming Contact Centres: A Journey of Authentic Leadership and Industry Recognition

Recently, we had the privilege of Talking Talent with Marco Jetmir Ndracaj, an award-winning Director of Contact Centre Services for Shared Services Connected Ltd (SSCL), at their Newcastle contact...

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​How do you know if your recruitment process is ‘Kenough?’ Lessons Inspired by the New Barbie Film

The latest Barbie film is more than just an animated adventure. It carries a myriad of lessons not only for its young audience, but also for organisations seeking to attract, hire, and retain top...

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​Ruby Speaking: Unveiling the Reality of Contact Centres

As a riveting narrative and sharp social commentary, ITVX's new series ‘Ruby Speaking’ is re-igniting conversations about the realities of working in a contact centre. Set within the fictional Hell...

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Sarah Rsz

The Contact Centre Conundrum: Can Focused Recruitment and Training Reverse the Declining Customer Satisfaction?

The latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) from the Institute of Customer Service paints a stark picture. It reveals the sharpest drop in customer satisfaction since 2008 and the worst score...

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