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Recruitment Marketing

Our Recruitment Marketing Diagnostic and Advisory Service help you to optimise your recruitment efforts. We conduct a thorough analysis of your employer brand, job descriptions, and job advertisements, ensuring that they accurately reflect your organisational values and job requirements, and use SEO and keywords to increase their digital footprint and searchability.

Our team then creates a customised recruitment marketing plan that incorporates best practices in recruitment marketing to effectively reach and engage with the right candidates. Our plan incorporates inclusive recruitment practices and language to attract a diverse pool of qualified candidates. We leverage various channels, including social media and job boards to showcase your organisation's unique talent value proposition and job opportunities, enhance your employer brand and increase your online prescence. By building a strong employer brand, you can attract and retain top talent that aligns with your organisation's culture and goals.

With our expertise in recruitment marketing, you can improve your recruitment efforts, attract the best talent for your contact centre, and build a reputation as an inclusive employer.

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