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Assessment Centres Design & Facilitation

Assessment centres are a highly cost and time-effective way of assessing multiple candidates whilst volume hiring. We are experts in the design, delivery, and facilitation of virtual and in-person assessment centres to get the best out of candidates and provide a positive candidate experience regardless of the outcome.

We use a variety of assessment tools, including online skills testing, role-play exercises, 1:1 interviews and group activities to evaluate candidates' skills and abilities. Our experienced facilitators will work with you to design and run an assessment centre that meets your specific needs, taking into consideration the job requirements, organisational culture, and competencies required for the role.

We also provide hiring manager wash-up matrices, scoring calibration, and training to ensure that your managers are equipped to make informed hiring decisions. Our training includes best practices for interviewing, scoring and evaluating candidates, and making hiring decisions, enabling your hiring managers to assess candidates consistently and accurately.

By engaging our assessment centre design and facilitation services, you can have confidence in the quality and reliability of your evaluation process, resulting in a higher success rate for your new hires.

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