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Mastering Peak Demand: Uncompromised Customer Experience with Temporary Workers this Festive Season

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Mastering Peak Demand: Uncompromised Customer Experience with Temporary Workers this Festive Season

​As the most wonderful time of the year approaches, business leaders encounter both excitement and challenges. This is particularly true in contact centre operations that deal with fluctuations in customer demand during the Christmas festive peak, in some instances can double call volumes. Effectively managing this seasonal rush in a contact centre organisation demands careful planning and foresight.

Proactive planning involves establishing an engaged recruitment partner, ready to swiftly mobilise whenever your permanent hiring model requires reinforcement through the flexibility offered by temporary workers. This strategic approach empowers you to promptly tap into an additional workforce to manage sudden spikes in activity, thereby maintaining an uninterrupted operational flow, and guaranteeing an uncompromised customer experience during the festive season.

Despite the best preparations, some peak periods can be unexpected and overwhelming. It is therefore equally as important to sustain an active engagement with your recruitment partner year-round, regardless of ongoing recruitment activities. This ensures their full alignment with your business and allows for the quick sourcing of additional workers to handle sudden surges, ensuring your organisation stays within service delivery levels.

greenbean’s project-based temporary recruitment solution

greenbean provides a specialist service that effectively addresses short-term hiring needs, offering a tailored solution for managing peaks in customer contact volumes during seasonal surges. Our project-based recruitment solution enables businesses to promptly adjust to changing customer demands while maintaining cost-effectiveness. With this approach, you only pay for the service when you require it, ensuring efficient resource allocation and several advantages:


Businesses can easily adjust their workforce based on specific demands during the festive peak. With our project-based recruitment solution, you can bring in additional temporary workers to handle the surge in workload without committing to long-term contracts. The festive peak is unpredictable, and demand can fluctuate rapidly. Our solution allows you to adapt quickly to changing circumstances, ensuring you have the right workforce when you need it most.


Traditional hiring methods often involve substantial expenses for attraction, recruitment, pre-employment screening, onboarding, training, and employee benefits. However, with greenbean's project-based temporary recruitment solution, businesses can curtail these overheads. Notably, greenbean absorbs all attraction, recruitment, and pre-employment screening & vetting costs. We also know temporary workers are a limited talent pool of available workers and more likely to fall out of the recruitment process, so our high touch point candidate engagement team keeps candidates engaged throughout the recruitment process, pre-boarding and onboarding, and day-to-day management of the temporary worker to optimise retention in the role.


The festive peak can be unpredictable, with demand fluctuating rapidly. Our project-based temporary recruitment solution enables quick adaptations to a change in circumstances, ensuring you have the right workforce when you need it most.

Underpinning your permanent recruitment model

greenbean's project-based temporary recruitment solution can be a game-changer for businesses during the peak festive trading period. By underpinning your permanent hiring model with streamlined processes and effective communication, leaders can efficiently manage peak demand without incurring unnecessary overheads. The result is a successful and satisfying Christmas season, leaving your customers delighted and your bottom-line thriving.

Remember, preparation is key, and the time to start planning and fostering relationships with your recruitment partner is now. With greenbean, you ensure you have the extra hands you need when the festive rush arrives. So, let this Christmas be the one where your business thrives amidst the seasonal peak, thanks to the power of greenbean project-based temporary recruitment solution.

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