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Optimising Recruitment Processes to Strengthen and Underpin AND-E's Direct Hiring Model

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Optimising Recruitment Processes to Strengthen and Underpin AND-E's Direct Hiring Model

AND-E (Aioi Nissay Dowa Europe) serves as the European subsidiary of Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company, a prominent member of the MS&AD Insurance Group and the largest insurer in Asia. With a strong presence in the UK's Retail and Motor Insurance sector, AND-E stands out as the sole Japanese insurer operating in this market. As a subsidiary, AND-E delivers a wide range of insurance services and products, prioritising the European market and placing special emphasis on the United Kingdom.


In 2021, greenbean was selected as the strategic recruitment partner for Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance, specifically for their European subsidiary. AND-E sought a specialised contact centre recruitment specialist who could provide support during an initial peak in demand caused by business mergers. 

Additionally, the partnership would see greenbean provide ongoing support to AND-E's in-house talent acquisition team, ensuring that the business achieved its BAU headcount requirements.


greenbean appointed a highly skilled Delivery Lead and resourcing team to effectively source, screen, and engage with candidates, aligning their skills and qualifications with ANDE's specific hiring criteria. 

As a means to streamline the recruitment process, the team designed and implemented virtual assessment centres to minimise the need for in-person interviews and reduced logistical challenges. This approach not only expedited the evaluation and selection of candidates but also empowered hiring managers to make well-informed decisions within shorter timeframes, a crucial advantage in the current candidate-led market where the pace is of utmost importance.

Calibration and scoring matrix training was delivered to all stakeholders on the desired candidate profiles and evaluation criteria. This training fostered a consistent and standardised approach to candidate assessment, enabling fair and objective evaluations throughout the selection process.


Through these initiatives, including virtual assessment centres, hiring manager calibration training, and the implementation of a scoring matrix, greenbean significantly enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment process for ANDE. 

greenbean acts as an extension of ANDE's internal recruitment team, staying updated on internal changes and movements even during non-active recruitment campaigns. This level of insight into the evolving business landscape enabled greenbean to consistently deliver successful support as required.

Since the partnership began in 2021, greenbean has successfully facilitated 78 placements for AND-E, achieving outstanding retention rates with minimal early attrition levels. This remarkable outcome exemplifies the effectiveness of our collaborative efforts and process improvements in identifying and securing highly suitable candidates for AND-E. We take pride in our ability to deliver exceptional talent who are not only well-matched to AND-E’s needs but also committed to the long-term success of their direct recruitment model.

"Our partnership with greenbean since 2021 has been an exceptional experience. They quickly provided a skilled team to navigate our peak demand caused by a business merger and introduced innovative solutions like virtual assessment centres and calibration training, significantly streamlining our recruitment process. We've seen incredible results, and excellent retention rates, thanks to the quality candidates they provide. Even during non-active recruitment campaigns, greenbean has shown commitment by staying updated with our evolving needs. They are more than a provider - they're a dedicated recruitment partner significantly impacting our business success. We highly recommend greenbean to any organisation seeking to strengthen their direct hiring model."

Talent Acquisition Manager, AND-E

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