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Talking Talent with Paul Cheetham

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15 March 2023 12:00-13:00 Linkedin Click to attend

​The concept of Emotional Intelligence (EI) has been around for over 30 years and yet most of us still don’t really know or what it is!  So, what is Emotional Intelligence?

Put simply it is about being smarter with your emotions.  EI is a practical skill that YOU can learn and leverage to create better outcomes, become more joyful and achieve success – both in life and at work.  Also, it may surprise you to know that it is NOT about being nice or being emotional!

If you have had your emotions get the better of you, have regretted a decision or your actions with others haven’t reflected your true self…then this live stream event will hopefully shed some light on why this happened, what you could potentially do about it, and how we could use EI throughout the recruitment and onboarding process.

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