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Unlock access to new talent pools with inclusive recruitment practices

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Unlock access to new talent pools with inclusive recruitment practices

Improving diversity and gender equality is not only the right thing to do – it makes business sense. Research suggests that businesses with diverse leadership teams are more innovative and productive. By closing the gender gap, it is estimated that our GDP could increase by £150 billion by 2025.

Recruitment plays a vital role in creating a diverse and inclusive workforce. Inclusive recruitment practices lay the foundations for a fair and diverse organisation. This is the start of the employer/employee relationship.

Diversity in the workplace is only achievable when an inclusive recruitment practice is in place.

One in 7 people have a condition linked to neurodiversity so it’s important for businesses to understand how to provide a working environment that benefits all employees.

It is against the law to discriminate against anyone because of:

  • age

  • gender reassignment

  • being married or in a civil partnership

  • being pregnant or on maternity leave

  • disability

  • race including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin

  • religion or belief

  • sex

  • sexual orientation

To support an inclusive workplace, some key points for consideration are:

Stage 1: Defining the role & attraction strategy
  • Are you using gender-neutral language in the role specification and job advertisement?

  • Are all roles assessed for suitability for flexible working? For instance, do you offer enhanced parental leave? Do you support home working?

  • Do your internal and external communications reflect your diversity and inclusion goals?

Stage 2: Screening & selection
  • What criteria do you use to screen applicants? How are your screening attributes determined?

  • What steps have you taken to remove unconscious bias from the screening process? For instance, removing personal details from applications such as name, age, education

  • Are your candidate shortlists gender-balanced? Do you ever shortlist candidates based on quotas?

Stage 3: Interviews
  • Are interviewers/hiring managers trained in interview techniques and dealing with unconscious bias? How often is this training refreshed?

  • Do you ensure the interview panel consists of more than one individual?

  • Are interviews structured with a focus on skills?

  • Do you discuss culture and working environment? Are flexible working options and other enhanced benefits explained?

Stage 4 Post-recruitment analysis
  • What review procedures do you have in place to assess your hiring practices?

  • How was the inclusive recruitment process adopted by hiring managers? Are any training needs identified as a result?

  • Do you contact unsuccessful applicants to provide them with feedback? Do you ask successful and unsuccessful applicants for feedback on their recruitment experience?

  • How often do you review the diversity and gender-balance of your workforce?

How can greenbean help?

As members of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation  (REC), greenbean is experienced in the design and implementation of inclusive recruitment practices. We challenge established recruitment practices, unlocking access to new talent pools and removing unconscious bias from processes.

As agents of change, we work in tandem with HR and internal recruitment teams to:

  • Spend time with your HR and hiring managers to understand your business, culture, values, vision and people strategy

  • Complete a full diagnostic assessment of current attraction strategy, selection tools, interview techniques and on-boarding processes

  • Determine selection criteria and attributes that apply to all internal and external candidates, to build a consistent and fair process.

  • Make recommendations for an inclusive, gender-neutral attraction strategy using multiple platforms to advertise jobs, allowing access to a larger and more diverse pool of talent

  • Act as a seamless extension to your HR & In-House Resourcing teams, keeping key stakeholders and hiring managers informed of progress throughout

  • Identify challenges and successes during the hiring process and inform future strategy

  • Improve candidate experience and recruitment practices by ensuring two-way feedback for all those interviewed.

greenbean can work in partnership with you to design, implement and embed a fully inclusive recruitment process into your organisation and unlock new talent pools.

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