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Virtual interviews – are they here to stay?

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Virtual interviews – are they here to stay?

The pandemic has taught us a lot of things and has allowed us to adapt and accommodate different ways of doing the job, particularly when it comes to utilising digital platforms. In this case, employers have discovered the benefits of still allowing candidates the option to interview virtually.  

Like many things, virtual interviews have their pros and cons: it allows flexibility for both the interviewer and candidate and shows the candidate is comfortable with technology and can work from home if the job allows.

However, some questions arise – does this give the candidate the best chance to see if the role is the right fit? Of course, we always suggest to our clients that we mitigate these questions by following up with an office visit or engagement day. But – aren't first impressions everything in this candidate-driven market?  Do we think that by moving back to face-to-face interviews that will support candidate engagement and ultimately improve the high level of post-offer withdrawals that are impacting employers? 

However, more candidates are preferring a virtual experience as a prerequisite to working from home or hybrid working. More candidates are wanting the flexibility to balance their commute to the office with work/life balance at home. There is a fine balance to strike with interviewing and onboarding, too. It’s likely that this stage will involve a blend of the two unless it’s a fully remote role. If hiring managers have a robust recruitment strategy and prioritise the candidate no matter the form of the interview, it is always possible to provide a positive experience. 

Ultimately, do we think that in this candidate-driven market we should be moving back towards face-to-face interviewing? And if so, do we think this would improve the engagement and attrition of candidates?

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