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Leap into success with GROW

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Leap into success with GROW

Once every four years, Leap Day, or February 29th, presents a unique opportunity for change, transformation, and celebration.

The concept comes from the Gregorian calendar: the time taken for the Earth to complete its orbit around the Sun is about 365.242 days, or, to a first approximation, 365.25 days. To account for the odd quarter day, an extra calendar day is added every four years, and that is why we have a Leap Day, which falls on February 29th.

In a Leap Year, it is becoming more common to “take a leap of faith” and embark on something new, particularly when it comes to business.

Our programme GROW (Get Ready for Opportunities at Work) is perfectly aligned with this idea.

So, let us LEAP into GROW.


The GROW programme bridges the gap between a candidate accepting a job offer to an employee's first day on the job.

At the core of this programme is 'learnboarding' – a combination of learning and onboarding. 

GROW is our Learnboarding programme, using bite-sized modules on an e-learning platform to ready the candidate for the realities of the job, instilling them with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed on day one.

Preparedness leads to empowerment, and candidates should feel fully confident to embrace their new role and all that it entails.

Consequently, the GROW programme is more than a recruitment tool; it is a platform for raising standards and developing well-rounded professionals.


GROW employs a series of bite-sized, engaging e-learning modules that immerses new hires in the world of contact centres, leading to foundation-level accreditation through reputable membership organisation The Forum Learning Academy.

These are designedwith the candidate in mind, to ensure that new employees are both enthusiastic and well-informed about their responsibilities, as well as understanding the meaning behind the broader context of their work.

Purpose and fulfilment are incredibly important for an employee’s sense of wellbeing, and this is a big part of GROW’s e-learning modules, to communicate the effectiveness of their role and their place in the larger business.


The initial months of employment are a critical time for new employees; it is when they judge whether their expectations are being met, whetherthey areset up to excel in their role with support in place, and whether the company culture is a good fit.For a lot of contact centres thisperiod poses a significant challenge, which is why managing early attrition is important.

According to the Institute of Customer Service report, 52% of managers reveal that their organisations face the highest risk of losing employees during the first six months. 

In response to these challenges, the GROW programme offers a unique solution: changing how to attract and onboard talent in the contact centre.

By emphasising professional accreditation and continuous learning, the GROW programme ensures that candidates are prepared for the unique demands of contact centre roles. This level of preparation plays a crucial role in reducing early attrition.

Professional Accreditation

The GROW Programme has a unique approach to talent acquisition in the contact centre industry. All at once it addresses the critical challenges of recruitment, retention, and professional development in a landscape that is constantly evolving. 

Historically, contact centres were viewed as less favourable as career choices. However, in recent years this perception has completely transformed. With innovation in technology, flexible working, learning and development opportunities, notable wage increases, a focus on health & wellbeing, and employees finding a real sense of purpose, the contact centre has emerged as an exceptional place to build a career. The launch of GROW, coupled with foundation-level accreditation from The Forum, marks a significant milestone in this evolution and we want to shout about it this Leap Year. 

LEAP into GROW and give your contact centre recruitment a boost.

If you would like to talk to our team about the GROW programme, get in touch here. 

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