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3 Powerful Ways to Elevate your Employer Brand and Attract Top Talent

Powerful Ways to Elevate Your Employer Brand and Attract Top Talent

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3 Powerful Ways to Elevate your Employer Brand and Attract Top Talent

Your employer brand is an essential driver of growth.

The ability to consistently and quickly fill vacancies with high-quality talent ensures that your company is ready and able to take advantage of growth opportunities when they arise and respond quickly to changes in the marketplace. It’s particularly important in the current landscape whereby a shortage of candidates is driving a competitive labour market.

​​Your employer brand is what drives top performers to want to work for your company over your competitors. A strong employer brand can transform your recruitment processes, shortening the time to fill key vacancies and reducing costs. It can also provide a steady stream of exceptional candidates with the skills and experience to take your company’s performance to the next level.

​​​​Recruitment has changed beyond all recognition over recent years. As talent acquisition has taken a leading role in driving business performance, competition to attract the best candidates has increased exponentially. Consumer expectations have also increased, with people expecting faster, more personalised communication from brands than ever before, whether they’re approaching them as potential customers or potential employees. Candidates have more choices and are more concerned about the company culture, the benefits, and seeing positive changes and accountability. In the digital world, it’s important to “walk the walk” and showcase the culture in action. 

​​These two factors have driven a shift in the balance of power between employers and an applicant. While your consumer brand may be strong, your brand perception as an employer could be very different, and this can affect your brand perception. It can affect your ability to attract high-quality candidates. The workforce is looking for greater work/life balance and flexibility. They want to connect with the brand and see its social purpose. 

Define your Talent Value Proposition (TVP)

​​Just as your brand has a unique selling proposition (USP) to convince customers of the value it delivers, your company now also requires a TVP or Talent Value Proposition. This sets out the unique package of benefits, both tangible and intangible, which set you apart from the competition as an employer.

​​A compelling TVP can inspire applications from high-quality passive candidates. It can also communicate value above the baseline salary you're offering helping to provide a more nuanced view of what it means to work for your company and reducing the risk of competitors poaching your best applicants with inflated offers.

​​Streamline your Recruitment Processes

In an environment where job seekers are ever-more aware of their value and the options available to them, a seamless and inclusive candidate experience is essential to attract the highest quality applicants from a wide talent pool. A speedy recruitment process could "lock-in" a potential top performer, making competitors appear old-fashioned and inefficient by comparison.

Ensure your recruitment team is trained on inclusive practices and aware of unconscious biases that can hinder diversity and inclusion efforts. Review job descriptions and remove unnecessary requirements that could deter qualified candidates from underrepresented groups.

​​Go Beyond Job Boards and Leverage Social Media

​​As the balance of power in the employer-applicant relationship has shifted in recent years, the channels and processes for recruitment have followed. It's no longer enough to simply post a vacancy and wait for the applications to roll in, particularly if the role you're advertising for requires an in-demand skill set.

Communicate your employer brand effectively on social media to increase interest in your company and drive speculative applications from candidates who are attracted to your culture. By developing an "always-on" approach to recruitment in this way, your company can build demand and interest from passive candidates who may not be looking for a new role until they hear about what your company has to offer.

​​Elevate your Employer Brand with Greenbean

​​At Greenbean, we work closely with our clients to help them transform their employer brand and deliver a long-term impact on their company's performance. By creating a compelling TVP that drives high-quality applications from both active and passive candidates, and implementing inclusive recruitment practices to widen your talent pool, we can help you attract and retain top talent.

Don't just take our word for it, check out our case studies to see how our team has helped.

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