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2024 Strategy for Contact Centre Recruitment and Retention with Learnboarding

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2024 Strategy for Contact Centre Recruitment and Retention with Learnboarding

As we step into 2024, it's essential for businesses, particularly those in the customer service industry, to reevaluate their recruitment and retention strategies. A recent Institute of Customer Service report underscores the significance of this issue, revealing that ineffective recruitment practices result in an annual cost of a staggering £17.6 billion to the UK economy. 

In today's customer service landscape, encompassing sectors like retail, hospitality, leisure, and contact centres, the demand for soft skills like empathy, problem-solving, and active listening has surged. This need is further intensified by a fiercely competitive job market and a marked shortage of candidates who possess not only these vital soft skills but also the technical qualifications necessary for their roles.

Adding to the complexity, the Institute of Customer Service report notes that over 50% of managers are finding recruitment more challenging than ever before, citing a competitive job market and difficulty in finding employees with the right skills. 

In response to these multifaceted challenges, the GROW programme presents an innovative solution for the contact centre industry, offering a dynamic method to attract and nurture talent.

Introducing GROW(Get Ready for Opportunities at Work), Complementing Onboarding with Learnboarding

The GROW programme effectively bridges the gap from the moment a job offer is accepted to an employee's first day on the job. At the core of this programme is 'learnboarding' – a synergistic combination of learning and onboarding.

GROW employs a series of bite-sized, engaging e-learning modules that immerse new hires in the world of contact centres, leading to foundation-level accreditation through reputable membership organisation The Forum. The programme begins by exploring the history and evolution of contact centres, progresses through the industry's commonly used terminology, and culminates with detailed insights into the expectations of new roles. Designed to precede and complement internal induction training, the programme ensures that new employees are both enthusiastic and well-informed about their responsibilities, as well as the broader context of their work.

The GROW programme is more than just a recruitment tool; it is a platform for developing well-rounded professionals. This approach is especially pertinent given the Institute of Customer Service (ICS) report's finding that the average success rate in recruiting new employees is only 52%. GROW emphasises professional accreditation and continuous learning, preparing recruits to be thoroughly competent and confident, thus enhancing both the quality and speed of competence in their roles.

Contact Centre Careers: A Pathway to Professional Advancement

This innovative approach redefines a career in contact centres as an opportunity brimming with professional growth and potential. It showcases not only the evolution and innovation within the contact centre sector but also unveils the diversity of roles available. The programme effectively counters widespread misconceptions about the sector and highlights the variety of career paths available. Importantly, the foundation-level accreditation offered is just the beginning of an employee's learning journey. By emphasising this, the approach not only reveals the breadth and depth of career opportunities in contact centres but also underscores the sector's commitment to continuous professional development and growth, aiming to deliver a world-class customer experience.

Addressing Early Attrition Through Effective Learnboarding

The initial months of employment are critical for new hires, and managing early attrition is a significant challenge. According to the Institute of Customer Service report, 52% of managers acknowledge that their organisations face the highest risk of losing employees during the first six months. Primary reasons for early departure include a mismatch between job expectations and reality, unmet probation requirements, insufficient interaction with line managers, and inadequate preparation through the induction process.

In response to these challenges, the GROW programme offers a unique solution set to transform how we attract and onboard talent in the contact centre. Its focus extends beyond merely filling vacant positions; it is dedicated to nurturing and developing professionals. By emphasising professional accreditation and continuous learning, the GROW programme ensures that candidates are not just equipped with the necessary qualifications but are also thoroughly prepared for the unique demands of contact centre roles. This comprehensive preparation plays a crucial role in reducing early attrition rates.

Through the GROW programme, recruits gain a deep understanding of their roles and responsibilities, aligning their expectations with the realities of the job., ensuring that every new employee is well-prepared and confident in their ability to excel from day one. 

Boosting Social Value and Community Engagement

GROW extends its impact beyond hiring; it’s a social catalyst which can open doors for those struggling to find work by integrating them into the world of contact centres. This approach is in line with the ICS report's emphasis on the importance of organisational reputation and the value of community engagement in attracting potential employees. This not only aids individuals to find meaningful employment but also uplifts communities, creating a ripple effect of positive social impact. Businesses gain not just employees, but also enhance their social footprint and corporate image.

Enhancing Employee Engagement and Retention with GROW

The Institute of Customer Service (ICS) report underscores a significant challenge faced by many organisations: 58% of managers and 50% of employees identify the retention of skilled employees as a major issue. A key factor in addressing this challenge is employee engagement, which is crucial for both retention and productivity. The GROW programme offers a multifaceted approach to professional development, serving not only as an initial learning pathway for new hires but also as effective refresher training for tenured advisors. This inclusion ensures that professional accreditation becomes a realistic and attainable objective for all staff members.

By integrating GROW into the existing training framework, organisations can foster a workforce that is more engaged and motivated. This strategy not only helps reduce early attrition but also enhances customer interactions and contributes to a dynamic and positive workplace culture. Through GROW, employees at every stage of their careers can continue to develop and refine their skills, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of industry standards and best practices.

GROW: Giving You the Edge in Contact Centre Recruitment and Retention

The GROW Programme is set to transform the approach to talent acquisition in the contact centre industry, set to revolutionise the way we attract talent in the contact centre industry. It addresses the critical challenges of recruitment, retention, and professional development in a landscape that is constantly evolving. By embracing this innovative approach to learning from the point of job offer acceptance, businesses are differentiating themselves as an employer that prioritises continuous learning and career development. Standing out in a competitive marketplace is an essential tool for any forward-thinking contact centre.

Are You Ready for Your New Hires to GROW With Us?

Further information on GROW can be found on our website here, or why not reach out to Sarah Hunt for an informal chat without obligation to find out more?

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