Introducing Julie, our Head of Marketing & Partnerships.

Julie is a well-respected figure in the UK contact centre industry, having judged for various awards programmes over the years. Her expertise and deep knowledge in the sector have enabled her to build authentic and strong relationships at all levels while adding value and insight to each business we work with.

Julie leads a team of experts to create and deliver highly effective recruitment marketing campaigns for our clients. She also leads our business engagement activities, including Talking Talent virtual and round-table events to support the continued professional development of those working in the sector and promote the industry as a career of choice.

In addition to her infectious enthusiasm for the contact centre industry, she is also hugely passionate about promoting equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging (EDI&B). She is a strong advocate for creating inclusive workplaces where everyone can thrive.

Outside of her role at work, Julie has a busy personal life, and she recently became a Glam-ma and is incredibly proud of her new title. Julie's hilarious tales of navigating the challenges of modern grandparenting with her signature lack of filter never fail to entertain!