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​Lessons in Excellence: Non-FCA Regulated Businesses Can Elevate Their Vetting Processes

In the ever-evolving landscape of global business, the principles of rigorous employee screening and vetting stand as a beacon of best practice, particularly those exemplified by the Financial Cond...

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Navigating New Right to Work Laws & How We Can Help

In a landscape of constantly evolving employment laws, keeping abreast of legislative changes is vital for your business. As experts in vetting and pre-employment screening, we're here to keep you ...

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Combatting Contact Centre Attrition: Modern Recruitment Tactics for Today’s Workforce

​In a recent Contact Babel report, a concerning 12% of contact centres noted that over a quarter of their new recruits left within their first three months. Such a statistic prompts crucial questio...

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Don't Play Roulette with Your Recruitment: The Importance of Pre-Employment Background Checks

​In today's competitive and fast-paced business environment, the recruitment process can be a challenging task. But the urgency to hire shouldn't lead to cutting corners, especially when it comes t...

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​How do you know if your recruitment process is ‘Kenough?’ Lessons Inspired by the New Barbie Film

The latest Barbie film is more than just an animated adventure. It carries a myriad of lessons not only for its young audience, but also for organisations seeking to attract, hire, and retain top...

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Leanne Sarah Hunt Appointment

greenbean welcomes Sarah Hunt as Associate Director of Client Solutions

​​Sarah Hunt appointed to launch the contact centre training programme, GROW, and new Talent Advisory Services. Greenbean is delighted to announce the appointment of Sarah Hunt as Associate Direct...

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Developing the Talent Value Proposition for CCW

Consumer Council for Water (CCW) is an independent organisation that advocates for water consumers in England and Wales. Since 2005, they have helped thousands of consumers resolve complaints again...

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Building a new customer hub for Ocado in a candidate short market

In early 2021, Ocado Retail Limited (ORL), a joint venture between Ocado Group and Marks & Spencer Group, were experiencing a period of significant growth and were challenged with attracting and on...

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