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Could a poor candidate experience have an impact on customer service?

​The quality of a candidate’s experience can greatly influence a candidate's decision to join your company as well as the level of service they will offer to your customers. After all, how can you ...

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Top Tips for Neuroinclusive Recruitment Practice

There are obstacles in typical recruitment processes that may place neurodivergent candidates at a disadvantage. But what is neuroinclusive recruitment? We take a closer look at the unintentional b...

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Get Out of Wrap - How it all began

​I am so excited to be working with contact centre recruitment specialists greenbean, to create an ongoing guest blog. Those who know me will agree I am a passionate advocate for the call & conta...

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National Apprenticeship Week 2023

​In celebration of National Apprenticeship Week, I wanted to share my first 6 months as a Digital Marketing Apprentice.​I always knew that I would follow the apprenticeship route after completing m...

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Five ways to help transform your sales teams’ capabilities

Contact Centre enthusiast, Garry Gormley shares his Top Tips on how to transform performance within your sales contact centre.Having worked in sales and service contact centres for 20 years, I unde...

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greenbean launches donation stations in support of Smart Works Newcastle

​greenbean has launched donation stations for Smart Works Newcastle, to help the North East charity make a real difference for women attending interviews.greenbean, part of the Galago Group, has es...

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3 Lessons From Love Island That Apply to Recruitment and Retention

​There’s no escaping the Love Island media machine which is currently firing on all cylinders again this summer, filling our TV and social media screens with Insta-famous bikini-clad babes and guys...

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The Benefits of outsourcing recruitment via RPO

Internal recruitment teams may have multiple priorities at any one time, and across various departments within the business. The talent landscape has changed over the past two years. In a candidate...

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How to reduce your company’s cost-per-hire

Controlling cost-per-hire is essential during periods of business recovery and growth. When the demand for extra resources within your teams is highest, internal recruitment teams can become overwh...

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Calulating Costs

How to streamline your recruitment processes to save time and reduce hiring costs

Extended recruitment processes can be a drag on your entire HR function. Overly lengthy or complicated processes take a disproportionate amount of time to administer, meaning extra hours spent deal...

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Top 10 tips to evaluate the effectiveness of candidate attraction

Employers should measure the effectiveness of their candidate attraction strategy to help determine the channels that sourced the most suitable pool of candidates in the most efficient and cost-eff...

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The intrinsic link between customer and candidate experience

I’m a Customer Experience (CX) Director with a few years under my belt and a track record in transforming customer journeys.  Having recently looked to hire into my team, I applied the same princip...

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Rsz Time To Rebuild

Plan to rebuild business through change and transformation

The UK Government has now revealed their three-phase strategy ‘Our plan to rebuild’ for gradually lifting restrictions in response to the Covid-19 crisis. Business leaders are now in uncharted wate...

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5 top tips to ace your video interview

Video interviews have become a much more common feature in the recruitment process, widely used by both agencies and employers alike, so it’s important that you know how to prepare.Georgia Scott ma...

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Virtual interviews – are they here to stay?

The pandemic has taught us a lot of things and has allowed us to adapt and accommodate different ways of doing the job, particularly when it comes to utilising digital platforms. In this case, empl...

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Is the UK ready for a 4-day week?

Over the past couple of years, the traditional working environment has changed for millions of people. So many have gone from entering the same office day in, day out, to either exclusively working...

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greenbean becomes a member of APSCo Outsource

greenbean is proud to become a member of APSCo Outsource, the trade body that represents the interests of the recruitment process outsourcing industry. RPO, MSP and recruitment process outsourcing ...

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greenbean proud to support UKNCCA 2022

​greenbean is proud to support the UK National Contact Centre Awards 2022 (UKNCCA), the longest-running awards programme in the industry.Contact centres across the UK are invited to recognise the o...

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Widen your talent pool with an inclusive culture that attracts neurodiversity

There is currently a skills shortage in the UK jobs market, and employers are having to cast their net far and wide to find the best talent for their business. In a candidate-led market, employers ...

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Recruitment Marketing: What Is it and how can companies use it?

At the height of the lockdown restrictions, the Office for National Statistics (ONS)recorded an unemployment rate of 4.8%, meaning one in 20 economically active people were unemployed at the start ...

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5 ways to bring job crafting to the contact centre

As a society, and in business, people embrace opportunities for the personalisation of products and services. We enjoy, and value, having our own personal style, beliefs and passions reflected in w...

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Directors New Offices Final

Directors welcome employees to new greenbean HQ

​The directors of NRG and greenbean, part of the Galago Group, were delighted to welcome employees to their brand-new head office at Quorum Business Park this week.The major project to relocate aft...

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The evolution of the customer and employee experience

As organisations reflect on key learnings and insight gained over the last couple of years and continue to navigate the ‘new normal’, how have the roles of Customer and Employee Experience evolved?...

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Shaping a flexible workforce for the future

Matt Lazenby caught up with one of the UK’s contact centre thought leaders to hear his views on the key challenges and opportunities faced by businesses, and what it means to shape a flexible workf...

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How to protect your employer brand during difficult times

For any company employer brand is of the utmost importance. Your employer brand consolidates your vision, your mission, your culture and your priorities. How you – and by default, your company – re...

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Is hybrid working the end of the physical office?

With the rise of flexible, hybrid, and remote working, the gig economy, and portfolio careers, will high-tech offices and connected buildings be essential in attracting and retaining talent in the ...

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What John Lewis can teach businesses about using emotional storytelling to engage and attract talent

John Lewis is the master of emotional storytelling, defying digital trends, tugging at your heartstrings and telling an elegant, touching story that is guaranteed to be shared and discussed.​The Jo...

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Hiring for emotional intelligence – one of the most important skills employers look for in an employee

What is emotional intelligence?Emotional Intelligence, also known as EI or EQ, refers to the ability to perceive, control and evaluate emotions.​A survey produced by the World Economic Forum consid...

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Unlock access to new talent pools with inclusive recruitment practices

Improving diversity and gender equality is not only the right thing to do – it makes business sense. Research suggests that businesses with diverse leadership teams are more innovative and producti...

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Quality of hire: how to measure and improve

Quality of hire is defined as the value a new hire adds to your company and is centred around an employee’s contribution to the long-term success of your business.​Understanding and measuring the q...

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Active v's passive candidates: Building an attraction strategy

To attract the best candidates to your business, your recruitment strategy should be tailored to the individual needs of the people you’re trying to reach. Traditional recruitment strategies usuall...

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What are the benefits of a good candidate experience?

When a position needs to be filled, it can be easy to concentrate solely on finding the perfect candidate and forget that while you’re screening applicants, your applicants are also screening you a...

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How to build an effective talent pipeline

Having a strong talent pipeline brings a host of benefits to your business. By building a pool of high-quality potential candidates who are interested, qualified and have an existing knowledge of y...

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Diversity in the workplace – One of the biggest recruitment challenges

​Workforce diversity is one of the most important considerations for organisations. Diversity in terms of gender, age, thought, experience, culture, and skills are important in ensuring a fresh and...

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3 Powerful ways to elevate your employer brand

​Your employer brand is an essential driver of growth.​The ability to consistently and quickly fill vacancies with high-quality talent ensures that your company is ready and able to take advantage ...

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Recruitment outsourcing: 10 challenges RPO can solve

​How do you know when to consider recruitment outsourcing?  The following 10 challenges are often key indicators that you need to consider an RPO solution.You just don’t have time to recruitWe’re i...

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5 ways to increase your value and influence at work

It’s easy to feel that if you had more responsibility or were more senior, you’d be able to achieve more in your role. Fortunately, most of the limitations on a person’s professional influence are ...

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3 steps to improve employee engagement and reduce attrition in your contact centre

High attrition can put pressure on your entire department, leading to increased recruitment costs, more time spent on training and induction, and stress on established team members caused by resour...

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How a strong recruitment strategy can increase team engagement

Employee engagement has a huge influence on the success of a company. Research by Korn Kerry suggests that  companies with high levels of engagement show turnover rates are 40% lower than companies...

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