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Leap Year Blog

Leap into success with GROW

Once every four years, Leap Day, or February 29th, presents a unique opportunity for change, transformation, and celebration. The concept comes from the Gregorian calendar: the time taken for the E...

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​Lessons in Excellence: Non-FCA Regulated Businesses Can Elevate Their Vetting Processes

In the ever-evolving landscape of global business, the principles of rigorous employee screening and vetting stand as a beacon of best practice, particularly those exemplified by the Financial Cond...

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Martin Lewis

Impact on Contact Centres: Insights from The Martin Lewis Money Show on Latest FCA and Ofgem Regulations

​Last evening, Kerri Rankin and I were privileged to experience firsthand a live TV event that directly aligns with the core issues facing the financial services and energy sectors, the Martin Lewi...

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Chloe Blog

Supporting Motor Finance Firms to Navigate Regulatory Shifts and Customer Demands

In the fast-paced and ever-changing motor finance sector, businesses are currently facing a pivotal moment, driven by enhanced regulatory oversight and escalating consumer expectations. The spotlig...

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