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Transforming Recruitment in the Contact Centre Industry

​In a recent bonus episode of Talking Talent, Julie Mordue was joined by two prominent figures from the contact centre industry: Sarah Hunt, and Chris Rainsforth. The focus of the conversation re...

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Abi And Leanne

Finishing my Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

​6 months on from my last blog, I am now one year into my Level 3 Digital Marketing apprenticeship and nearing the end. As I approach the final stretch towards my end point assessment, I find mysel...

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Combatting Contact Centre Attrition: Modern Recruitment Tactics for Today’s Workforce

​In a recent Contact Babel report, a concerning 12% of contact centres noted that over a quarter of their new recruits left within their first three months. Such a statistic prompts crucial questio...

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Vetting Blog

Don't Play Roulette with Your Recruitment: The Importance of Pre-Employment Background Checks

​In today's competitive and fast-paced business environment, the recruitment process can be a challenging task. But the urgency to hire shouldn't lead to cutting corners, especially when it comes t...

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Julie And Marco

Transforming Contact Centres: A Journey of Authentic Leadership and Industry Recognition

Recently, we had the privilege of Talking Talent with Marco Jetmir Ndracaj, an award-winning Director of Contact Centre Services for Shared Services Connected Ltd (SSCL), at their Newcastle contact...

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Mediaweek Hero 26

​How do you know if your recruitment process is ‘Kenough?’ Lessons Inspired by the New Barbie Film

The latest Barbie film is more than just an animated adventure. It carries a myriad of lessons not only for its young audience, but also for organisations seeking to attract, hire, and retain top...

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Rpo Blog 3

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO): 10 Challenges It Can Solve

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is a strategic solution that allows organisations to outsource all or part of their recruitment activities to an external provider. By partnering with an RPO p...

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